Children's Club


     Tsunami Impact in Brief: Emotional problems faced by children that lived through the trauma or lost family members in the tsunami include depression, aggressive behavior, withdrawal from society and problems with peer relationships.  Many children are still living under stress caused by their fear of the ocean and loud waves, adjusting to new housing, and having to live among the debris of their destroyed homes.



     Moreover, children were disproportionately affected by the tsunami to the extent that percentages of children in the villages decreased post-tsunami.  Currently there is no means for them to come together as a group for mutual support.  Moreover, many parents are distracted and under stress with all the work to restore their lives.  These children need a positive, structured environment in order to move beyond the trauma caused by the disaster.

     Project Description: It is TVC's vision to create children's clubs in each village.  These clubs will provide activities that will help the children interact and learn together.  Activities will be both therapeutic and will allow children to participate in the restoration of their communities.  Children's clubs will focus on community beautification, self-confidence building and will encourage self-respect, the feeling of self-worth, and sympathy for one another.